Undergraduate advisors

Walk-in advising

  • Walk-in advising is for current UW-Madison students only.
  • The CS major/certificate cannot be declared during walk-in advising. To declare, please complete the online declaration form.
  • Walk-in advising is on a first-come, first-served basis, therefore, it is advisable to arrive early to advising hours, as space may fill.
  • Advising times are limited to 10 minutes during periods of high traffic.
  • Students wishing to gain a comprehensive overview of the CS major should consider attending an information session.
Student Services Coordinators
Madeline Juillard
Nikki Lemmon
Chuck Dyer
Jude Shavlik
Faculty Associates
Deb Deppeler
Beck Hasti
Jim Skrentny
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Computer Sciences requirements and course selectionComputer Sciences requirements and course selectionComputer Sciences requirements and course selection
L&S requirements and policiesSpecializations within the CS fieldSpecializations within the CS field

ISS forms, Study abroad, Readmission/SAP, Honors in the major

Grad school for CS 


Advising Appointments

Advising appointments are available for students declared in the undergraduate Computer Sciences major or certificate program. Students may schedule an advising appointment via MyUW (Scheduling Assistant app) with either Nikki Lemmon or Madeline Juillard. NOTE: advising appointments are not available during the summer and fall enrollment periods.