Professional Capstone Certificate Program

If you have obtained a bachelor's degree that is not in computer sciences, but you now want to learn the fundamentals of computer sciences so that you can transition towards a developer job, the new Professional Capstone Certificate Program is for you. You can apply to the program at any time. This popular program has enrolled well over 80 students in its first year, many of whom come from companies in the Madison metropolitan area.

Once enrolled in the program, if you are totally new to computer sciences, you will start by taking two introductory courses, CS 200 OR 301 AND CS 300. Afterward, you will take four courses to complete the program and earn the certificate. (If you have had an introductory background to computer sciences, you do not have to take CS 200/301 and CS 300.) Thus, a working professional taking one course per semester can complete the program in four to six semesters, depending on his or her background.

To help working professionals, certain courses are offered once a week in the evening. After completing the certificate, you can apply for a developer job in computer sciences. There is also an option to continue (part-time or full-time) in our Professional Master's Program to obtain an M.S. degree in Computer Sciences in another one to one-and-a-half years.

To learn more about the program, start with the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), then review the program's Requirements & Curriculum. When you are ready to apply, please find detailed instructions in the Application Process.

UW-Madison's Department of Computer Sciences is highly ranked. UW-Madison ranks as one of the top ten public universities in the country in terms of federal research funds, and it has been listed among top educational institutions overall since the early 1900s. One important measure of any academic program is the success of its students. Our students have interned and worked at numerous high-tech companies such as Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft and Epic, as well as taught at top-ranked departments in computer sciences all over the world. The newly created Professional Capstone Certificate Program has been hugely popular, and has had many students complete the program since its first cohort of graduates in Fall 2015.

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