Computer graphics

Qualifying exam

Preparatory courses

Students interested in graphics research should begin with CS 559, the primary advanced undergraduate graphics course. Students who already have an undergraduate graphics background should consult with faculty. Students may then take graduate courses in graphics, which are not currently taught on a regular schedule. Students should also consider CS 679, which covers interactive virtual environments in the context of game development. All of these courses assume knowledge of linear algebra and calculus. CS 559 is taught at least once a year, while the other courses may be taught less frequently. Other courses of relevance to graphics include CS 533 (image processing), CS 540 (artificial intelligence), CS 558 (computational geometry) and CS 766 (computer vision). Several courses taught in the Department of Mechanical Engineering are also related to graphics research. Material for the qualifying exam in graphics is covered in CS 559 and the graduate level graphics and vision classes, although additional reading is also required.

Reading list

Past exams

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