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Phone numbers are preceded by area code 608, and email addresses are followed by unless noted otherwise.




Chair Mark D. Hill 5355A 262-8737 markhill
Associate Chair Michael Swift 7369 890-0131 swift
Director of Graduate Studies / Graduate Advising Committee (GAC) Chair Eric Bach 4391 262-7997 bach
Graduate Admissions Co-Chair Jerry Zhu 6391 890-0129 jerryzhu
Graduate Admissions Co-Chair Stephen Wright 4379 262-4838 swright
Graduate Program Coordinator Angela Thorp 5381 262-7967 thorp
Professional Programs Coordinator Angela Thorp -- -- --
Undergraduate Advising Committee (UGAC) Chair Jude Shavlik 6393 262-7784 shavlik
Undergraduate Student Services Coordinator Nikki Lemmon 5385 262-1079 nlemmon
Reception / Assistant to the Chair Trish Rentner 5351 262-1204 rentner
Department Manager Sue Gallagher 5357 263-6759 gallagsd
Building Manager Roger Vogts 1305 262-0286


Payroll & Benefits

Susan ("SueM") Schiltz (unclassified payroll/benefits)

5355 890-4538
Travel & Related Issues Hilary Heffley 5355 890-2886
Grants (Pre-award, post-award, funding issues and changes, etc.) Tae Kidd (pre-award primary contact), Larisa Roberts (post-award primary contact)

Tae: 5373

Larisa: 5353

IT services, Computer Systems Lab (CSL) David Parter & staff 2350 262-2389 lab
Communications Jennifer A. Smith 5360 262-0620 jensmith